What Book Would You Prefer To Read?

I want to begin my writing journey. Instead of being a health professional who is trying to get clients, I have chosen to become the knowledgeable expert who educates, because I know my health books can help more people heal. Without you, starting this journey will be somehow tough.

So, I have listed a number of books and would be pleased if you share with me, the health book you would prefer to read.

  1. Secrets of Weight Loss
  2. Defeating Depression Without Pills
  3. Book of Health Tips
  4. Eat Like the Greek to Live Longer
  5. Simple Solutions for Common Health Problems
  6. Diabetes Self Defense
  7. The Fruit World
  8. Eat a Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies
  9. Healing Power of Teas
  10. Healing Power of Herbs

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