Watermelon And Its Incredible Health Benefits

Watermelon is a very healthy berry.It is by far one of the most powerful,healing fruit out there.This refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients and contains about 92% of water. Watermelon is a fruit and a vegetable because it is a sweet seed
producing plant and the rind is entirely edible.That’s amazing right?. Oh yes,it is!. 

Most people throw away the water melon rind not knowing it contains plenty of health promoting and body building chlorophyll and even more citrulline than the pink flesh.The black water melon seeds  contain iron,zinc,protein and fibre.They are edible and actually quite healthy.

It is important to allow the watermelon to ripen inorder to reap the most nutritional benefits from this refreshing fruit.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Lowers Blood Pressure

The citrulline found in water melon is converted to arginine in the body.Both citrulline and arginine help in the production of nitric oxide(Vasodilator) which helps in the relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels.When the vesels are dilated,more blood passes through freely thereby lowering the blood pressure and reducing the risk for stroke and cardiac infarctions.

Also, carotenoids present in water melon help to prevent the hardening of the arteries and veins thereby reducing the risk of blood clots and atherosclerosis.

Water melon juices reduce the aortic blood pressure and provide cardioprotection to keep the heart healthy

Relieves Muscle Soreness

Citrulline found in water melon helps with the relaxation of smooth muscles,anaerobic performance enhancement and also relieves muscle sorness.Also, it has the ability to accelerate the removal of lactic acid and allows for better overall physical performance.Water melon is highly beneficial for post workout recovery and pre work out regimes since it allows for more intense training and faster recovery after each work out.

Promotes Kidney Function

Water melons have an abundant supply of calcium and potassium which contributes in the flushing out of toxins in the body’s kidneys and aids in reducing the concentration of uric acid in the body.

Watermelon’s high water content induces frequent urination. It helps in cleansing the kidneys and keeps them functioning properly.Watermelon hydrates the body and also adds a sweet taste and delicious texture to it.


The lycopene found in watermelon  decreases the prevalence of cancer.It helps with the regression of cancer by targeting and interrupting cancer growth, carcinogen metabolism,apoptosis and hormone regulation.

Heart Health

The lycopene which is found in abundance in watermelon has been shown to be very effective in lowering LDL cholesterol level which is a strong independent predictor of coronary heart disease which has caused many death.People who consume good amount of lycopene from watermelon should expect a significant decrease in their risk for heart complication. 

Prevents Macular Degeneration

The carotenoid and lycopene found in watermelon prevent premature eye degeneration and eye diseases.The provitamin A carotenoids in it eliminates reactive oxidative species and helps our eyes stay healthy. The lycopene and carotenoid found in water melon helped in the prevention of the vacuolization of the epithelial cells,leading to better eye health and also lessen the risk for eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.Watermelons are the perfect remedy for preventing macular degeneration.

Improves Sexual Function

After several research, doctors now know that it is the relaxation of the smooth cavernous veins in the penis that cause an erection not the stimulation.This para -sympathetic and non cholinergic mediated process requires nitric oxide which is synthesized from L-arginine by NO-synthase. Several studies have tested this theory about water melon and its arginine content.Researchers found that the arginine found in water melon improved sexual functioning in men with erectile dysfunction.

Asthma Prevention

People with asthma have bronchi that are highly sensitive to dry air.Normally,when we breathe,our nose clears,warms and moisten the air around us.during physical exrcise,we breathe harder, faster and deeper through our mouths so the air that enters our lungs is colder and drier than usual.In this case, if an asthmatic person is exposed to such a cold dry air and inhales through the mouth,such a person’s lung will swell up, leading to an inability to breathe fully causing an asthmatic attack.The Vitamin C found in watermelon helps protect the hyperactive airways of people with exercise induced asthma

Promotes Digestive Health

Water melon has both rich water and fiber content and easily promotes regularity for a healthy digestive tract.One of the most common gastrointestinal problems is constipation,which is characterizedby a slow gastrointestinal transit, hard stool and difficulty in passing stool.Eating watermelon can eliminate this unfortunate and uncomfortable problem. Instead of simply drinking the recommended nine to thirteen glass of water per day,you can treat yourself to a healthy snack of watermelon while also promoting your digestive health.

Protects The Skin From Sun Damage And Aging

The vitamin C and E found in watermelon are the most important natural antioxidants for anti-aging benefits because their small molecular weights allow them to penetrate the skin and induce the production of collagen which is vital for keeping the skin smooth and healthy.The collagen produced helps protect the skin from sun damage,skin aging and wrinkles.Remember,protecting your skin begins with what you put into your body

Aids weight loss

Eating watermelon aid in the reduction of fat because of its high water content.Also, it contains high level of citrulline, an amino acid which when processed by our body is converted into another amino acid called arginine.The more this conversion occurs,the more the amino acid block the activity of an enzyme called tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase TNAP and blocking the metabolic activity of this enzyme help to prevent excess accumulation of fat in fat cells.

Mucles and nerve support

Watermelon contain a great amount of potassium which is highly beneficial for the muscles and nerves. Potassium helps to determine the degree and frequency with which our muscles relax and contract.Watermelon is a natural electrolyte. It sends key impulses that influence our heart, muscles and nerves. 

Prevents heat stroke

Watermelon contains about 92% of water, minerals, nutrients and other compounds.The high amount of water and other hydrating liquids contained in it helps hydrate the body and also stimulate the release of excess liquid in the form of sweat, which is our body’s way of cooling us down.

Boosts immune system

Watermelon contain a hearty amount of vitamin C. It helps the immune system by improving anti microbial and natural killer cell activities as well as lymphocytes proliferation which is the type of blood cells that are called for during infection and illnesses. Adequate daily intake of vitamin C ameliorates symptoms and shortens the duration of infections such as common cold.

Remember,no part of watermelon should be discarded.From the rind to the pink flesh and to the seed.They are all beneficial to the health

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