Honey is a sweet, sticky yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from nectar collected from flowers. The composition of honey consists of varying proportion of fructose, glucose, water, oil, and special enzymes produced by bees. Honey serves as popular food as well as a medicine.

Three key valuable properties of honey

  •   Honey is hygroscopic
  •    Honey is antibacterial
  •     Honey is a source of antibiotics

Honey is hygroscopic: Honey has a hygroscopic nature. This means that when exposed to air, it naturally absorbs moisture from the air. It is useful as it could help prevent scarring in treating open wounds by keeping the skin moist, encourage the growth of new tissues and allow easy removal of any dressing by preventing dressing from becoming stuck to the skin. Honey’s hygroscopic properties also make it an ideal ingredient in a lot of cosmetics. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and fresh and prevents the drying of the skin. When honey is used in the skin and hair treatments, it traps and seals in the moisture leaving it soft and supple, and the hair glossy and healthy.

Honey is antibacterial

Honey is antibacterial because the bees add an enzyme that produces natural hydrogen peroxide. It has an effective antimicrobial agent which prohibits the growth of certain bacteria. It contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which is believed to be the main reason for the anti-microbial activity of honey.

Honey is a useful treatment for wounds and scalds.Cuts, abrasion and scalds can be covered in honey to prevent bacteria from entering the wound and promote healing. Honey can treat minor acne by attacking the bacteria that cause the outbreaks while moisturizing the skin to aid rejuvenation.

Honey is a source of antioxidant

Honey contains natural and antioxidant properties that can destroy biologically destructive chemical agents which are linked to many diseases such as cancer.

Dark colored honey such as Buckwheat possesses more antioxidants than light color varieties. Not only could honey’s antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals in the body, they are also part of the nutrient supply for growth of new tissue. These honey properties help to protect the skin under the sun and help the skin to rejuvenate and stay young looking. As such there have been an increasing number of manufacturers of honey skin care products such as sunscreens and facial cleansing products for treating damaged or dry skin.

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