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Dioscovite is a nutritional supplement that supplies thiocyanate (yam vitamin) which helps to prevent the red blood cells from sickling,clumping up and sticking by making deoxygenated sickle cell hemoglobin nearly as soluble as normal heamoglobin.

Thiocyanate binds to the hemoglobin molecule and corrects the abnormal biochemistry of insolubility of deoxygenated sickle cell haemoglobin that leads to the sickling process.

Clinically, thiocyanate as food supplement corrects the anemia by making the red blood cells have normal shapes as a result of enhancing the solubility of sickle cell heamoglobin. This phenomenon prevents the formation of nematic tactoids,the liquid crystals of hemoglobin which induce sickling of erythrocytes.

Therapeutic level of dioscovite is safe and non toxic.It is effective in relieving sickle cell anemia by increasing the blood count. Hence, patient using dioscovite are liberated from chronic aneamia, sickle cell crisis, chronic blood transfusion, strokes, leg ulcers, chronic infection and premature deaths.

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Dioscovite contains nutrients needed for good health and vitality, enabling sickle cell and other anemic clients to have improved energy levels. Daily use of Dioscovite is needed to feed the blood with Dioscovite nutrients, just as daily food intake is needed to feed the body with food nutrients.


Take Dioscovite in fruit iuices like apple, grape, pineapple, mango, guava juice, or in soup, for better taste and absorption. Never take Dioscovite in soda pops, alcohol, water, nor by itself.

Best results are achieved by anti-sickling nutritional supplementation (Dioscovite) and avoidance of environmental stress, such as conditions that cause sickle cell crises.

Nafdac no: 04-2878l

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